Friday, November 02, 2007

Where to buy HID flashlights?

One of the streetlamps outside our house is fused and the street is very dark at night. I've called the relevant authorities to come and get to replaced but till now, it's still not done. And this was more than a few weeks ago. Hubby comes home in the middle of the night and i'm very concerned of his safety. Moreover, i've been reading a lot of breakins around my neighborhood lately.

I saw our neighbor with one of those HID Flashlights mounted at the top of her porch. She told me it brightens up the place at night and she feels much safer with it. There was once she heard someone at the gate in the middle of the night and she turned it on. She then heard them running away. Scary, huh. And i'm just right next door. I'm so going to get hubby to buy one from and have it installed at our porch too.

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