Thursday, November 01, 2007

100% talc-free modeling clays

I was supposed to go meet my friend at Parkson for a drink this afternoon. Too bad hubby took the car and i had to cancel my appointment. What a bad impression i gave her. This is the first time we meet and i fail to turn up. *shakes head* There's nothing much to do. Gordon's gone to school and i dont really feel like blogging too. So, i went and dug out my old pile of VCDs as i wanted to watch a good movie as i nurse Malcolm to sleep. I found "Ghost". You know the movie right. Starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze.

There was a scene in which Demi Moore was moulding a clay vase at the pottery stand. I love that scene. I've dont pottery before and i can tell you it's really a wonderful feeling with all the soft clay in your hands; almost magical. If you are into pottery, i'd like to tell you that you can buy safe Ceramic Clays at They carry only 100% talc-free clay. As a parent, if my kids were to take up the hobby, i will make sure that the arts and crafts materials and Modeling clays they use are safe. Do check the site out to find out more about them.

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