Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shall i let Gordon take up Tennis?

Hubby was just asking me what sport would i prefer Gordon take up. He wants to join a club so that we can take the kids there during the weekends. Or if i like, i can always go there with Malcolm after i've sent Gordon to school. He knows that i have a few hours to spare and would prefer that i take Malcolm out for lunch. He told me he was pretty athletic when he was still studying. He was also a very active Boy Scout and also a champion long jumper. So, if we were to join a club, he can exercise at the gym, swim a little or maybe learn to play tennis. If possible, he'd like the club to have a few snooker tables too as he loves the game very much. He used to play with his brother a few times a week until we moved back here. Most of his friends dont like to play snooker. They prefer pool tables instead, lol.

Me, i was also very active in sports. Let me see. I played some badminton in my Primary School years and can also run quite fast. More of a sprinter than a long distance runner. Dont seem to have the endurance nor stamina for that. I've not participated in any marathons before as i know for sure i'll be down and out even before i reach halfway, lol. I was also a long jumper too and also the school champion many times over. I was a life-saver too, just ask me to jump into the pool and swim now. I havent been swimming for a long time. No problem sunbathing at the poolside though and sipping Long Island Tea with a good book in hand. Too bad, i've been doing much of that either of late with so much commitment on hand. If only Malcolm can be less clingy, i can have more time to myself.

My niece is now dating a tennis player, a really handsome chap with a hot bod to match. If you were to ask me what sport i'd like Gordon to take up, i think he may like to learn tennis. We bought him a toy tennis set and he's been having a lot of fun with that and can hit the ball quite accurately too. If the club hubby intends to join has a tennis coach there, i dont mind letting Gordon have a go at it. I'll take him to the tennis store and buy him some tennis equipments like tennis apparel, tennis shoes and a good tennis racquet. If hubby is also keen in learning to play tennis too, i will consider learning it just for the fun of it and accompany Gordon at the same time. This way, he can at least have someone to practice with. I believe my little boy will become excel in sports if given the right coaching from young. Any good tennis players here? Do you think it's easy to learn to play tennis at 36?

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