Saturday, October 27, 2007

Access your Gmail using IMAP now

I am happy that i can now access all my Gmail emails on my Nokia N73 using IMAP. Previously, i only use pop and my phone checks for mail every 30 minutes. By the time i get my emails, mosquito also sleep lah. I've tried it out and it's working fine. I'll be getting my emails every 5 minutes now, which is a lot faster compared to 30 minutes previously. So, you may want to try retrieving your Gmail emails using IMAP on your phones. But aitelyu, you'd better not set your phone's auto retrieval settings to 5 minutes unless you have an unlimited data package or it'll bust your airtime's credit limit.

But my cb N73 OS must be buggy. Each time i turn the phone off and on it again, the notification will not beep anymore and i'll have to delete off all my mailboxes from the messaging area and reconfigure. Haiyo. Chi9sinn meh. You know how many gmail accounts i have or not. So, i'm still using email as all myGmail emails are forwarded to it. And i only set 1 Gmail mailbox inside my N73 to minimise the angst each time i have to use the sim card on my modem.

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