Wednesday, October 10, 2007


All the men in my household suffer from a certain degree of hairloss. I guess it's in their genes. But, there was once my father-in-law bought a product from a friend for his hairloss problem and he told me that it worked for him. Too bad his friend is no where to be found and he now needs to buy more for himself and a few friends of his. If i'm not wrong, it's called provillus.

After asking around, a few friends told me they've used this hairloss rpoduct before and that it worked for them too. They told me if i want to know more about this product before i buy it for my father-in-law, i can get more information on it from a website called I can read up on a lot of the products for hairloss there from users who've tried it. If provillus isnt the one that he wants, there are many others there that he can try out.

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