Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Have you played The Sims Bustin' Out for N-Gage before?

I gave away my old Nokia N-Gage to my niece cos i found it a bit too bulky for my liking. It's one of the hottest Gamer's phone to hit the market when i bought and it kept me entertained with lots of N-Gage Video Games when i'm in the car stuck in traffic or at the bank waiting for my turn at the counter. Since i seldom drive these days nor go to the bank, i have no use for it. Moreover, i prefer to play with my Sony PSP as i'd rather save the phone's battery for important calls that comes in all day long.

She told me she's bored of all my old games and hinted that i buy some new ones for her. I agreed provided she gets good results in her exams this year. She gave me a link to some of her favorite N-Gage Video Games at and told me their prices are the cheapest around. She told me she wants The Sims Bustin' Out for N-Gage, Super Monkey Ball for N-gage and the Worms World Party for N-Gage. I've read some of the reviews there and found that they are suitable for a teenager. I've no problem buying them for her, but she has to provide me with straight As first.

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