Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What will my next notebook be?

I know i know, i just bought a new notebook and configured a new computer system two months back. And i'm still thinking of getting a new notebook. Yes, i must be slightly crazy. But you have to know why. Even though the notebook that i bought is only a 13.3" machine, it's heavy. At least to me, k. Moreover, it only has a battery lifespan of 2 hours, certainly not enough for a chronic blogger like me.

So, whenever i go out, i have to lug around all the power cords and wireless mouse. This adds even more weight to it. I swear my next notebook will have to be ultra lightweight, small in size so that i can slip it into my handbag and has a battery power that lasts more than 10 hours, lol.

My friend bought the Sony VAIO® FZ140E/B PC Notebook from and told me what a wonderful machine it is. To me it, huge. It's a 15.4" monster that i wouldnt want to lug around with me. It makes a decent desktop replacement though. Me, i'd still with anything around 11.1", that's it. If you like Sony notebooks, you can find many at Their prices are very competitve and. Check the site out for more Sony notebooks, ya.

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L B said...

I gave up trying to convert you to the Light Apple Side a long time ago.. Now, all I can hope for is a Lap Dance by you...