Friday, October 05, 2007

Online Casino Bluebook review

I have a friend who loves to go to the casino each weekend with his family. He will have a round at the tables and his wife will take the kids to the theme park or go shopping. I've been to the casino many times before and i love the excitement there. I love playing at the slot machines and also blackjack. Do you like to play blackjack? Hubby loves roulette and baccarat. Sometimes, he will play at the poker room too. Too bad i'm hopeless when it comes to poker and always lose all my chips, lol.

Once in a while, his friends will invite him for poker sessions but he seldom entertains them as he's busy lately. They told him if he cannot drive to the clubhouse for poker sessions with them, he can join them online instead. Geee... looks like there's no stopping them when it comes to their weekly poker sessions. And recently, they found out about Online Casino Bluebook that provides reviews on online casino sites. One can look at the stats of the top 10 online casinos at a glance on one single page. Those who loves to play poker online may want to bookmark for your future reference.

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