Friday, October 05, 2007

Do you need help with your addiction problem?

There is a difference when it comes to drinking and alcoholism. My uncle used to drink each day after office hours. My aunt keep telling him not to drink so often. Once or twice a week is okay, not each evening. He kept telling her that he wont get addicted and he needs to take his clients out every now and then for entertainment. He assured my aunt that he wont get addicted to it and that he will only drink a glass or two each time. Ya, that's what he keeps telling her each time she nagged at him to stop drinking in the evenings. To her, it sounds more like an excuse to continue drinking than a valid reason to.

Her worries soon turned into a reality when he became addicted to alcohol and cannot get through the day without beer in his system. There was once he got so drunk that he found himself waking up in the drain one morning. My aunt was frantic and even called everyone she knew to help her locate him. This is when he realised that he's addicted to alcohol and need to enrol himself to a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center for help on his addiction. He knows that if he do not go to a Addiction Drug Rehab Treatment Center, his health will be seriously affected one day. He has vowed never to touch alcohol ever again after his stay there. Told us it was the worst time of his life.

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