Monday, October 01, 2007

My September earnings update

You wouldnt believe it. I just got back from the foodcourt, lol. Hubby dragged me away from the computer to the foodcourt for beer when he saw the final figures i punched into my spreadsheet. He's been following my progress, lol. It's a freaking $3969 for the month of September. Niasingggg, just 31 bucks shy of hitting the $4k mark. Nevermind, today's the beginning of yet another grueling month of paidposts slavery. So, you all say worth it or not?

I didnt manage to hit my $3.5k target last month. So, i told myself that i MUST hit $3.5k minimum for September, die die also must hit. Dont care!!! No sleep, no sex, no eat, no wateva also must hit. And knn, not only did i manage to break the $3.5k mark, i'm so near to hitting the 4k mark, yerrr, yerrr, yerrrr...... Too bad, i'm too drunk to continue writing now, lol. I shall leave that for tomorrow, k. October's HERE .... YAY!!!

I thank all my friends who've kept me company night after night of frenzied blogging. It was fun, it was exhilarating, it was everything you cannot imagine it to be. Now all i want is to break the 4k mark, you say i chisin or not. OMG.... another month filled with nothing except mental diarrhoea..... ishhhh. For the record, my highest per day earnings for September is $263.

So, the question now is how much is USD3969 equivalent to in terms of Ringgit Malaysia (RM), eh. 30th September happens to fall on a Sunday. So i just take it from Friday's closing, k.

Sunday, September 30, 2007 (source)

3,969 US Dollar = 13,521.0 Malaysian Ringgit
3,969 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) = 1,165.07 US Dollar (USD)

Median price = 3.40384 / 3.40665 (bid/ask)

To summarise it all, it's been a great month. I hit another 5 digit income for the month of September. It's no easy feat, believe you me. But i love every moment of it. I think a few other blogging buddies of mine hit 5 figure income mark for September too. I shall wait for their blogs earnings report. It's a happy happy happy happy happy day for me.


Anonymous said...

Lalalalalal Congrats!!!!! US$4 here you come :D

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm drunk too, should be US$4K and not US$4 LOL

Vedis Teh said...

Samm, Congrats !!..;D I couldn't help..must spread the words around..Check out 4 SEO-ed Supermoms

mistipurple said...

Congrats Samm! no easy feat, but you are a veteran at it! *bows in respect and awe*

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Congrats Samm! :D

Our Journey said...

congrats too =) I only hit USD500 last month, so i'm still a beginner & slow learner :P