Monday, October 01, 2007

Shop at ShopWiki for high quality baby and toddlers items

It's a fact. I love strollers. But i have a friend who's just as crazy over strollers too. I'm sure you all know i just bought the Quinny Zapp for my kid a few months back, right. It was in April if i'm not wrong. Both my friend and i bought it together, but hers came with an additional Maxi Cosi carrier as it's for her baby boy whereby mine's for my 3 year old kid.

And you know what, she sent me a link to yet another hot stroller. It's Phil and Ted's. A double decked stroller, lol. See how crazy the both of us are. Of cos i wont be getting a new one as my kid is already 4 and he might not want to sit in one any longer. But if you want to get a new one for your baby, i suggest you head over to ShopWiki.

Not only do they have the best strollers around. You'll be able to find most of the items that your baby and toddler will ever need. You can shop for designer bags and carriers, clothings, toys, beddings, etc. You dont really need to shop at the mall. Who has the time to go to the mall these days anyway. I hate the sun and the traffic jam. Go ahead and check the site out. You're going to love it.

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