Monday, October 01, 2007

Kit's wedding

I attended my cousin's wedding function yesterday. He's finally getting married and i guess both my aunt and uncle should be pleased. His brother married a Malay lady and for years have not been able to produce a child. i think they are expecting their second son to start making babies the moment they reach home, lol. Geeee... what a heavy responsibility. But that's the only thing that they talk about whenever they call up my mom for a chat.

Anyway, i hear that they will be leaving for their honeymoon at some Maui condos a few days later. They told me they found a very cosy unit after reading about it from a Hawaiian travel blog and they have many reviews on Hawaiian Beach Rentals. How nice, sounds so romantic to me. I'd like to go to Hawaii too. Just that hubby says he's too busy these days. Maybe end of this year, he says. Ya ya ya... i'm so gonna wait.

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