Thursday, October 18, 2007

My cousin is an online poker junkie

Can you tell me what's the best thing to do when you cant leave the house? To me, there is plenty to do. I can play with my kids, knit all day long, play with my PSP and also watch drama series on my computer. Or i can choose to clean out the wardrobe again and pack away those off-season clothes that we wont wear anymore.

My cousin was over the other day and he asked me if he can use my computer or not. I told him to go ahead with it as i can still blog from my laptop computer. He wanted to check out those Online Poker Sites but his computer broke down. He wants to read up on those Top Poker Reviews about UK Poker Sites and also US Poker Sites. He loves to play at online poker sites.

He says Chinese New Year is only a few months away and he wants to practice playing poker more so that he can win everyone later. He checks these sites out every once in a while to read about the best poker reviews and in depth analysis of the top sites with the best bonus possible as he plays a fair bit of online poker. I still have a lot to learn about poker. I'm lousy at the game but my hubby can play the game well.

*This is a paid review*

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