Thursday, October 18, 2007

Looking for a professional truck accident lawyer

I really dont think i can stomach another sad and tragic piece of news in the papers. You know, festive season and such. Each day you flip open the newspaper, it's full of tragic news of highway accidents, plane crashes and boats sinking in the sea. Seeing those statistics makes my heart ache. I'm sure you would have read about the recent ferry accident in which so many people died. And each day, i keep reading about more and more bodies being found. But there are many who are still keeping vigil by the sea hoping for news of their loved ones. Sad....

The other day, my friend was telling me about her cousin who was involved in an accident on his way to the club. The truck driver refused to pay him for the repair of his car. So, he hired a Truck Accident Lawyer to seek justice for him and got his compensation in the end. He got to know many Truck Accident Lawyers California when he went to attend his friend's business function once and kept their contact. I know quite a few lawyer friends too and i keep their contact with me all the time just in case i need their service one day.

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