Friday, October 19, 2007

Never choose fine fonts for your brochure printing

I think it's time i bring along a magnifying glass with me each time i go shopping. Why in the world would a company have such a beautiful brochure and yet, the printing on it is so fine that i cant even see properly with my naked eye? Is it the trend to get people to read their words properly? This is what an advertising executive told me when i met him for the other day.

One of his clients requested specifically that they set the font size for Brochure Printing to very fine prints. This is to ensure that customers who pick up their brochure will read them and remember their products better, lol. What kind of marketing strategy is this. It sucks. And chances of me buying the product is down to zero even if the 4 color Brochure Printing has a stunning design.

Let me tell you this. A brochure is to deliver a message to potential buyers. And if those buyers were to chuck those beautiful brochures into the trashbin, you waste money and lose a customer in the end. If the customer can read your product properly, she will buy it for herself and also keep the brochure and hand it to someone else if she finds the product good. So, point to ponder, huh.

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