Thursday, October 18, 2007

Do you know a good truck accident attorney?

I really havent been blogging much these few days. I guess all the late nights finally caught up with me. It's the kind of feeling whereby you just dont feel like getting out of bed at all. Just want to sleep in all day long, curled up under those comfy and warm sheets. The weather is also rainy these days and make one feel even gloomier than ever. Apart from sending some nutritional products to customers in the afternoon, i just spent most of my time home with my kids, watching TVB drama series and continued with my knitting. I have to finish it for Gordon, it's long overdue.

Then, hubby called me in the evening and asked me to help him locate a few Truck Accident Attorneys Los Angeles and Plane Crash Attorneys Los Angeles for his friend. He told me Harry's kid was involved in an accident and he need experienced attorneys to handle his compensation. I also learned that Mike had a bad concussion to his head and needs to undergo a lot of treatment. He didnt tell me who need the plane crash attorneys though. But i asked around some attorney friends of mine and they gave me some contacts to fax over to his office. I hope he comes home soon and help me keep an eye on the kids. If not, i cant blog much.

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