Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'd love to try out these Revolution Tea

If you were to ask me to choose between coffee and tea, i'd go for tea anytime. My all time favorite has always been Oolong Tea, followed by Green Tea and the occasional Black Tea. I buy them from a Tea Gallery at a shopping mall. I've since converted many of my friends who are coffee drinkers to tea. They have no regrets as tea has been known to contain antioxidants that helps neutralizes many toxins in out body. And they also help to reduce stress too. I make a pot of Oolong and drink it all night long when i'm blogging. Keep my mind alert and i can think better too.

I want to share with you a secret to slimming naturally. It's so simply. Steep a pot of Oolong tea and drink it everyday. It's a wonderful tea that keeps you slim and looking beautiful always. Hubby loves to to drink iced tea but i like mine hot. A point to note is that you must not steep you tea in boiling hot water. It will "cook" your tea and turn it bitter and wont taste good. A good rule of thumb is leave the boiling hot water for five to ten minutes before steeping your tea with it. And do not steep for more than 2 minutes for the best tasting and aromatic tea.

I found out about Revolution Tea from a friend recently. Their master blenders and herbalists have created the most wonderful blend of teas from the freshest full-leaf teas, fruits, herbs, spices, and natural flavorings. I'd love to try out some of their fine selections, especially their Organic Tea. Too bad, they only ship to the USA, Alaska and Hawaii at time of writing. Can someone send me a box of Revolution Organic-T...... *hints*

*This is a sponsored review*


2crazydogs said...

OK, on my shopping list! what flavor??

Samm said...

All also i WANT!!!! Wua.... so tham sum hoh, lol.

2crazydogs said...

OKlah, will see how my paid posts goes. Just kidding. Will get them for you, no probs.