Sunday, October 07, 2007

Get your website optimized

I sad to hear that many of my blog buddies have their blog rankings dropped. For those who depends on a good ranking to command a good rate, this will affect their blogs earnings. How sad. Or should i say how scary. I keep all my fingers crossed that all my blogs ranking remains unchanged for the time being. I am not going to complain that it did not go up, just dont drop will do.

On another note, a friend of mine told me today that he stumbled onto my site by chance. He was searching for a few organic items and my blog happen to appear on the top ten results on the search engine results. I wrote about those items before. What surprised him was HIS site wasnt even on the first page result even though he sells all those products that he searched for. He asked me what caused it and if i hired a website optimization firm to tweak my sites or not.

I told him no as i'm not even selling those products. But i did advice him to do something about his sites if her really want to benefit from those keyword. I old him to hire a website optimization firm to have his site optimized for the search engines so that people searching for those keywords will end up at his site instead. Hope he gets it done soon.

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