Sunday, October 07, 2007

Are you curious of my new hairstyle?

I love long straight shiny hair ever since i was a kid. I was blessed with the curliest of curls that's difficult to tame and manage. I've always dreamt of straight hair when i was still schooling. Too bad i cannot keep long hair when i was still schooling as my mom didnt have the time nor the patience to comb and tie it up for me everyday before i go to school. I've always sported a short ugly crop for as long as i can remember. I told myself when i grow up, i want to keep my hair long and straighten it.

And i did it the moment i left school. I kept it long for a few years by going to a professional salon periodically to have my long curls straightened. They used one of those Professional hair straighteners to turn all my curly tresses into a long silky curtain of black hair. Hair that i've always dreamt of. It's a long process. But i'd do anything to have the hair of my dreams. A session take a minimum of 6 hours to get done. I'm not complaining as long as i get what i want at the end of the day, lol. I just cut all my long hair off last Friday. No more long hair for me. I want it short now. Anyone wants to see my new RED cropped hairstyle?

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