Thursday, October 04, 2007

Have your important documents stored digitally

You know what happened, my friend received a letter from the income tax department recently requesting for some important financial records. It's very urgent and if he cannot produce them in two weeks time, he will be summoned to court. He's so confused now and at the same time, worried too, cos he doesnt have those documents on hand. He says he did not take a copy back with him when he resigned from his old company as he though they are not important at all.

Now, he's in a dilemma cos he just learnt that the office where he used to work before was burnt down a few years back. It was all over the papers and they suffered huge losses too and many people lost their jobs then. So, he believes he will never be able to produce those documents needed and will have to go to court, or worse, serve jailtime for failing to produce them.

He told me someone once advised his ex-boss to store all his employees important documents safely by engaging a Document Scanning Service to have them sored digitally. Too bad he did not heed this advise. Too bad my friend is unable to contact his ex-boss too so that he can issue a letter explaining the situation. Anyone here running an office had better have theirs store digitally at a Document Scanning Service company. Gee, i hope my friend can get over his nightmare soon.

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