Monday, October 08, 2007

The best Mario games for the Nintendo Wii

I never get to play with my Sony PSP cos both hubby and Gordon plays with it most of the time. And when i found time to play with it, it's out of battery. What can i do? I think i need to get myself a new game console, hook it up to the tv and play games there instead. I dont want to sit in front of my computer anymore. I was thinking of the Playstation 3, but hubby says the Nintendo Wii has more games for kids. Yes, i've seen some of those games, and they are less violent too.

I love games like Mario. In fact, i can never get enough of Mario. I've seen some of my friends playing with the Super Paper Mario and it sure looks fun to me. And there is Mario Party 8 and Super Mario Galaxy which i have not tried before. They told me i can get all those games from I think playing the Nintendo Wii on the tv with my kids sure beats playing the Sony PSP by myself. Ok. Let me buy the Nintendo Wii back first, then i'll get hold of all the Mario games and try every single one out.

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