Friday, October 26, 2007

Dont they use taps?

I'm really pissed as this has happened for the third time. First, it was the temp that my mother-in-law hired back to spring-clean our house last year. She broke our bidet as she tried to use it to wash the toilet bowl. She didnt know that she has to press on it to get the water to flow. Instead, she pulled on the level and yanked it off.

The second one was my Sister-in-law's maid, she broke the tap at the kitchen sink. And this time, the same thing happened to our bathroom tap and we've got to have that replaced too. That really made me wonder what can be the matter with these maids. Dont they have taps where they came from. I think since we'll be using their service for a few more times, i'd better stock up on Taps. They have so many i think my mother-in-law will not complain much when she sees what i've bought.

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