Monday, October 15, 2007

Does your hubby play poker?

I hate the rain. Especially when it rains all day long for days on end. It's not those thunderstorm kind of rain. Just drizzles all day and all night long, with gloomy skies and all. The kind that leaves one bored all day long. My cousin was just complaining that she's stuck at home with the kids and cant take them out to the park to run about. With so much pent up energy, they've been running up and down the house driving her nuts.

Her husband wasnt bothered by the rain at all as he's stuck in his study playing online poker all day long. Told her he found a free online poker statistic site that tells him where all the best poker rooms are, lol. And he doesnt appear unless it's mealtime. If mine does that, i'll kick his butt. But hubby prefers the real thing to online poker. He plays during Chinese New Year with this friends and relatives when they visit. Does yours play poker?

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