Monday, October 15, 2007

Samm's work area


Many bloggers have posted on how their work area looks like. So, this is mine. I have a small 3 foot long computer table with a pullout keyboard drawer. I'm still looking for one that has some shelves on top so that i can have more clutter, lol. Havent found one that i like here. The bottom right is where the CPU resides. On the upper shelf, you can find all the power switches, modem and my wifi. My notebook sits on the right of my tabletop, where i watch all my Uncle Joe's TVB drama series on it as i blog.

In front of me is my 17" Dell monitor which i intend to replace with a 24" one soon, but havent decided which to buy yet. And the rest of the items are my O2 Zinc, Nokia N73, and two other Samsung phones which i cannot remember their models in all networks. Then, there is my wireless mouse. Gordon placed his Mickey Mouse when i took this photo. The Epson all-in-one printer is at the bottom of my desk on a Ikea breakfast tray. Have to buy another soon as the damn thing conked out.

It's was a cluttered place until i bought some magazine holders to store all my monthly mags for better accessibility. Previously, they were stacked on top of one another mountain-high and i can never take one out without toppling over a few in the process. It's time i give some away. My sis will come over and get them as the month ends and i go get new supply. She hasnt been over, and there are now three month's worth of stale mags all lined up here. Damn.... taking up so much precious desktop real estate.


And as i work at night more than i do during the day, here's a glimpse of what it feels like during the night. See my backlit keyboard? I dont even have to turn on the work lamp to see the letters properly. I cant leave the lamp on as Malcolm tends to wake up a lot if the room is bright. What you dont see is my highback chair with armrest, and pretty me sitting in it with Malcolm nursing away half the time.

It may not be the best organized workarea in the world, but it brings me a 5 digit income every month. And i do blog everywhere around the house too with my laptop. The living hall when i need to get away from Malcolm, the kitchen when i want to eat/cook an uninterrupted meal. I also love to blog from the swing outside at the porch as i watch my kids play. Forget about sharing my wifi, it's locked :P. Yes, that's how i work. Now that's you've seen how the blogger works, would you all like to see the real her?


Anonymous said...

When I'm free to wipe off some dust, I also post kah kah kah! said...

I win! In the hiao department. Seriously...I must hire a few China dolls and blog naked on my work space. Sure to get all the angmohs to subscribe to my blog feeds. Hahaha.

mistipurple said...

see the real you? haha, i'm thinking pole dancing and all. opps. that's LB talking. :P
...LB don't hit me..

Cassandra L said...

wow, that's a lot of handphones there...

PapaJoneh said...

nicely arranged and I just love the keyboard. It is no wonder you are making alot. :)
U n Lilian are my idol when come to money making in internet..
*silently reading your blog this pass few weeks ;)

Nicholas Chan said...

Cool keyboard. And your desk very clean leh.