Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Building your dream house?

There was once hubby asked me if i wanted to start my own interior design and construction firm again if given the chance. I told him a firm "NO, I REALLY DONT THINK SO". He understand the reason why as when i ran my own firm last time, i had to do everything by myself. From design inception, to endless hours at the PC churning out CAD plans. Budgeting, project management and procurement, you name it, i know it like the back of my hand. No more designing for me unless it's my own dream house.

I'm so not going to let our local architects design my house. Their taste sucks, big time. It's actually not that difficult afterall to build your own house from scratch if you have a website like All you need is a nice piece of land, arm yourself with a house plan, get quotes from contractors, approval from the municipal hall and you are ready to go. And lots of cash on hand, k. Dont forget that. There are so many Log Cabin House Plans, English Cottage House Plans and even Small Ranch House Plans if you have the land size for them. So, which is your favorite house plan?

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