Friday, September 07, 2007

Where would you like to retire one day?

Have you given a thought as to where you would like to stay one day when you're retired. When the kids are all grown up and have a family of their own? Do you still want to live in the city or move away to a retirement community? Me, i'd really like to live in a more quiet place. I believe when i'm old, i wont be going to the city anymore. I'd rather do something more relaxing like gardening for a change. It's definitely more therapeutic, right. And seeing all my vegetables and flowers blossoming is way satisfying.

My uncle moved to a retirement community a couple of years back. He read all about at 55+ communities before he decided to move. He's happy and tells me that quality of living is definitely better than staying t cities. Glad to hear that he's enjoying his retirement. Yes, i believe i'll enjoy it too. Right now, i'd better make the most out of city living before i retire.

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