Friday, September 07, 2007

Do you like gambling?

Ever since my brother-in-law retired, he spends most of his time at Genting Highlands. Oh, he loves to play at the casino more than anything else. His favorite being blackjack and the slots. I've been to Genting Highlands many times before. I prefer Roulettes. Can sit there and play all day, or until my chips are all gone. But i dont play much. It's only for recreation purposes.

Every year during chinese new year, without a doubt he's the biggest winner, lol. Of course, with so much training at the casino, he's bound to win a lot. He told me he seldom goes there nowadays. That's ever since he found out about online casino and he play online at home. He does it all at Bet365, that offers a range of online betting services through their online casino. They also have Sportsbook facility, interactive games section and online poker playing area. No wonder he can stay home all day long.

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