Thursday, September 27, 2007

Smart Buddy for poker players

My uncle is getting better at his online poker game. Now that he no longer needs to drive all the way to the clubhouse, he bought a new laptop just to sit home and play all night long. But he's a very disciplined person and only plays during the weekends, just like when he had to drive to the clubhouse before. If not, i'm sure my aunt will nag at him for straining himself so much. He has since made a lot of online friends and is now looking for a way to stay in touch with them.

He asked me if i know of any messenger application that's strictly meant for online poker players as he wants to install it onto his laptop. I know of one called the Smart Buddy. My friend has it on his computer. I think that's exactly what my uncle is looking for. Smart Buddy notifies you when your favorite bad players start playing online. It works just like a buddy list but for online poker and supports most online poker sites. I asked my friend and he told me that a trial version is available for download at He may want to try it out.

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