Thursday, September 27, 2007

Buy boat insurance

My friend is indeed a very lucky fellow. He received a letter a few months ago informing him that his uncle left him a boat even though he has not met him before. It's a distant uncle who has no kids, and no wife to leave his properties to after his death. He learnt from his mom that this uncle has been away since he was very young and seldom returns to his place of birth. They have invited him many times over the years to come back for a visit, he never did so. So, it was rather surprising that he left my friend a fishing boat.

The thing now is when my friend went to take a look at it, he found that he is unable to take it out to sea as it does not have insurance coverage. It's a very nice fishing boat names Lola. What a name. Anyway, he asked me to recommend him a company to get his boat insurance from cos he knows i have a few friends who owns fishing boats. I asked my friends and they told him to get it from That's where they got theirs and they are sure he will be able to take his boat out to sea once he buys insurance for it.

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