Thursday, September 27, 2007

GPS Insight Vehicle Tracking and Mapping

I really dont enjoy reading the newspaper anymore these days. It's so full of tragic stories and horrific accidents. News like these are always on the front page. I know i sound like i dont care much, but i do. I feel for those who've lost their loved ones to those accidents. In fact, a friend of mine lost her son that way too. It's was so tragic. My friend nearly lost her mind after hearing the news that her only son is dead. He just passed his driver's license and his dad bought him a new car for his 18th birthday. He handed him the keys on his birthday party and he took the car out for a spin.

He was on the highway when a truck jumped the road divider and rammed straight into his car. He had no chance at all. He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The wreckage was so horrible that firefighters took more than three hours just to free the victim from his car. It was not his fault at at that he got killed. It turned out that the driver did not take the usual route to his final destination. He was doing some private work on his company's time and claiming extra for it. Too bad he was unfamiliar with this route and had difficulty negotiating a bend. That's the reason why the driver jumped the divider. Now, this would not happen if the truck company had GPS Insight installed in their fleet of vehicles. It is a hardware and web software-based vehicle tracking product, a technical leader in the GPS tracking field.

GPS Insight supplies the hardware which is installed into the diagnostics port of the fleet of vehicles. It's nothing complicated actually. Once everything is in place, those vehicles can then be tracked from the internet. A point to note here is GPS Insight is the only company that could provide direct engine diagnostics. The rates for the usage of GPS Insight at only $1.50 to $2 per vehicle per day is also very economical as companies can now track their vehicles to see what their drivers are up to. Truck drivers are notorious at speeding on the highway. They can be very inconsiderate too and would swerve in and out without warning and endangering the lives of other motorists. Knowing that their driving is tracked by their company, they will be more careful or risk getting sacked. This in turn reduces accidents too.

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