Thursday, September 20, 2007

My breakfast


I believe this is supposed to be Hor-Hee. Dunno why it turned out to be Mai-fun-meen-hee, lol. Anyway, when one is really hungry, one just whack the whole thing down. Ask so much for what lah. Not that everyone is as pampered as i am with a MIL who goes to the market to buy breakfast back for her DIL and pet Grandson, hoh. Dont get jeles, hoh. If my hubby is at home, he will also buy wan, hoh. He's in KL now. But coming back later. Cos tomorrow his birthday, hoh. And we go gai gai, hoh. I need help too, hoh. What's there to get for the man who can afford everything? Forget those Rolex, KLCC designer goods kinda crap. Headache lah.

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