Thursday, September 27, 2007

Interested in Real Free Stuff???

Everyone loves freebies, dont they. I bet you do too. But half the time, there is a catch to the freebies like one has to purchase goods up to a certain amount in order to qualify for the freebies or so forth. So, nothing in this world is free afterall? I received an SMS from one of my credit card issuer today informing me that i've won a hand/facial therapy redeemable at a beauty salon. What i'm afraid of is when i reach there, i have to listen to their sales pitch before i get to lie down for a complimentary facial, or maybe i'll be asked to purchase a certain amount of their pricey skincare first in order to be entitled to eligibility. Sounds familiar to you, right.

But there IS a place on the internet where you can get Real Free Stuff. Yes, no stings attached at all. You dont need to refer anyone to the site in order to claim your freebies, It's all there for you to select. Check out Parents with schoolgoing children will be happy to know where they can obtain Free Grant and also Scholarship for their children's education. For parents, you can also get a year's Subscription of American Baby Magazine FREE!!! There are lots more. You must check the site out for yourself. I gotta go find something for myself now. CIAO!!!

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