Thursday, September 27, 2007

Experienced dog trainers

I was going through some photos in my hard drive and i saw some pics which i took of Benjamine, our Golden Retriever. benjamine is one of the most obedient dogs we've ever had. It's long fur is gorgeous and silky. I love brushing him in the evening and he enjoys it too. Too bad he's no longer with us. He's gone to live with the vet as my mother-in-law cannot afford to keep sending him to the clinic every week.

My neighbor's dog is a totally different matter altogether. He told me his dog is not behaving well and gatting more and more difficult to handle by the day. He asked me why our old dog is so well behaved and if we sent him to a special school for training or not. He wants to correct his dog's problem. I told him his dog needs dog training in order to behave better. He can get more information on this by visiting They have experienced dog trainers that can help him out with his dog's behaviour problem.

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