Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm gonna get my sneakers from webbyplanet.com

I wanted to get myself a few new pairs of sneakers but found that all the stores do not carry the ones i like in my size, how sad. My pair of RED Nike is already a few years old and i'm still wearing it. It still looks fairly new as i seldom wear it. But then you know, RED is a very eye-catching color and i cant be caught dead wearing that each time i go out, right. People will start thinking that it's the only pair of shoes that i have. I'm sure none of you want that to happen to you too, am i right to say that?

Anyway, i got tired after checking out a few stores and gave up. A girl just cant buy a few pairs of sneakers without getting all worked up. I came back frustrated as i really want to wear new sneakers. My back is hurting a lot these days and sneakers are better for me as they have very good support and i can walk longer and more comfortable in them. I'm so not going to waste anymore time. I'll go gt a few pairs from WebbyPlanet.com. I've bought quite many things from them before and they've never failed me so far. They are not called the best online discount shopping site for nothing, you know.

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Ali said...

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