Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Elegant wine racks from thevinestore.com

Mother-in-law hired a temp back to our house to do some cleaning yesterday. I found that she did quite a good job. The sky was getting dark when i was on my way out and she asked me if i want her to take the laundry in or not. I told her it's okay and that i'll take it in when i come home. She was worried that the rain might wet it and she took them in for me. She even folded them neatly too. I'm pleased, of course. And the greasy kitchen floor is clean for once. I hate walking in there without clogs. I wonder how my in-laws can stand walking around the kitchen barefoot.

Over dinner just now, i told my mother-in-law to get the temp to come over more often. She asked if i'll be paying for her service or not and i told her, "Yes". Wuahhh, you should have seen the look on her face then. She was so happy. She told me she had always wanted to clean out the area where my father-in-law keeps all his precious wine. Just that those wine crates can be a tad too heavy for her to carry all by herself. I told her to instruct the temp to get it done and i'll buy a few designer Wine Racks back and have them displayed proudly. I'm very sure my father-in-law will be more than pleased to see his prized possession on display in such elegant wine racks.

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