Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I threw them away.... so??? Kenot meh????

I've not ranted about my IBS for a long time, huh. Miss those rants? I'm actually immune to them so much so that they dont bother me anymore. I'd rather focus my energy into writing more good posts that brings in money to me, lol.

But i wanna rant here tonight. You know how i hate them coming over with their whiny kids during the weekend when i need some peace. And everytime, dirty clothes are strewn all over the place after they take their bath. And she never picks up after them.

She was over again with her kids a few days ago and those dirty clothes were left behind. I dun care wann. Only her mom picks up after her. Unbeknownst to me, MIL purposely threw those clothes into my laundry basket. I washed together with my own clothes, ewwwww.

When i took them out from the washing machine, i took them out and placed them back into MIL's laundry basket. She took them out again and threw them back into mine a while later. I also dun care. I took them out with me to the backyard and dumped them all into the compost basket.

They shall rot there for eternity cos they're not mine in the first place. Who cares if she rants when she finds out. Get real if i'm going to do her laundry for her, ptuiii. Dont pway-pway with me. Sure jialat wannn.... aitelyu

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