Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Family Matters

I read a very interesting article today at a website that deals with a topic that's very close to my heart. It's all about Family Matters. I fully agree with the author that parents nowadays are having problem or difficulty "connecting" with their children. Most of the parents i know, both friends and also relatives of mine, all tells me the same thing. Their children hardly listen to them and they cant seem to get through to them at all. It's like they have built a barrier between both parent and child. And this is especially true for parents with young children.

And when it comes to their studies, many parents are at a loss on how to get them to do their homework willingly, lol. I read from the site that one way to do it is to get down to their level and play more with them. Now ask yourself this question. How well do you know your kids, their interests and what games they like. I found that parents hardly ever play a decent game with their children, and leave them to play by themselves. This is where as a parent, you are wrong.

Children all look upon their parents to do things with them. They all want cool parents. Parents that can play the PSP, the Wii or better, beat them at the game. Believe you me, your kids will idolize you more and will do all that you want them to this way. Tell them to finish their homework and then, have a battle with them on the Playstation. Go on, give it a try. But first, your homework is to learn how to play the game, lol. It's not easy, i tell you.

There are many more interesting topics on Family Matters at the site. Bookmark this site and share it with family members and friends. You'll be a better parent.

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