Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Who needs help on debt relief

I'm going to be very busy today. Hubby's going to KL again for a business trip. Will be there for a night. Geeee... Malcolm is stuck to him like a leech now and i cant seem to get him off hubby, lol. He can sense that hubby's going out and obviously, he wants to follow. If i try to take him, he will whine and cry, boringgggg.

I slept early last night. Dont feel like writing anymore after 3am. There's still lots of posts to publish this noon. I'll most likely send Gordon off to school early and take Malcolm along with me back to my mom's house. I need to rest a bit and he can play with my nephews and nieces. Or rather, they can help me keep an eye on my little monkey, lol

My sister in law wants some info on Debt Relief . I heard from my mom he has lots of credit card debts to settle. I think she most likely wnat to aske me where she can help him obtain Credit Card Consolidation help. Well, she can always check out for more info.

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