Sunday, September 16, 2007

Go Jusco later?

It's been raining almost everyday here. And i think it's the same everywhere too, right. Boring, huh. Hubby wants to take the kids to Jusco later. Geee.... on a Sunday afternoon, chisin. Since i'm not the one who's driving, who cares lah. The laptop battery is being charged now and i think it wont be ready in another hour. So, i'd better crap as much as i can first and enjoy my afternoon at Jusco. What's there to do, ah? Any special events there? Another round of ice-cream at Baskin Robbins again? Or Coffee Bean sounds better. But most likely, we'll end up at Black Canyon again as hubby like the green curry there. Till then.

1 comment:

L B said...

I never get to go to Ipoh Jusco wan!!!