Sunday, September 16, 2007

No more Jusco :(

Cant go out lerr. I know some people will say things like what's the rain got to do with gaigai, right. To me, it does. Cos the blardy car is parked outside the house 24/7, k. And i dont want to run to the car with the kids. I actually wanted to get some new clothes. Looks like it's back to buying from online clothing store now. Gives me more reason to stay home and continue with my blogging, lol.

I've got about a dozen posts to publish. Can get them done by this evening, hopefully. Feeling damn lazy suddenly. Actually, with all these stupid ever-changing TOS some knnccb ad network implement at the drop of a hat really makes life difficult for all. In their quest to appease those advertisers, their reason to get us to have less spammy-looking blogs, i mean, gimme a farking break lah.

I believe many are unable to write good interims if you are rushing for a dateline and you have to write like 60 posts per day for two consecutive days on end. Dont count those new ones that you book too and dish out in an instant, lol. Frankly, how many can do that. Forget the fact you're just not me me me me me, k. So, dont be a Samm-wannabe.

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