Sunday, September 16, 2007

Get him to take some colloidal silver

I was at Parkson on Wednesday to collect my Sushi King dining vouchers. There was such a long line of diners waiting to be seated. I hate dining in a crowded place more than anything else. Even though they are offering everything on the kaiten belt for Rm2 each, i still dont like it when the person seated next to me keeps grabbing at plates passing right in front of me. I'd rather pay the full price or go dine there on Mondays. I get a 20% discount with my Diner's Club membership card anyway. No crowds nor greedy diners.

I got to know from a friend that one of her relative ate too much salmon sushi and came down with a bad tummy the next day. Nothing to do with the food quality, just that he overate as it's so cheap. Serves him right for being such a glutton. She asked him to take some colloidal silver to get rid of whatever's bugging him. It's a well known fact that colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic and can take care of these minor ailments. Hope he learn from this lesson and dont be so greedy the next time.

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