Thursday, September 27, 2007

South Australia fun

I think by now everyone would have known how forgetful i am these day. Hubby's cousin called up last night and asked me of he can borrow a few of hubby's big luggage. Since hubby is not going overseas these days, i told him he can come over and collect it whenever he wants to. He says he'll be coming over this evening and i said i'll be in. I forgot all about it and went out to pick Gordon up. And he chose to come at that moment and found the house empty. He left without giving me a call. Pissed maybe. Who cares.

I heard he has to go to three places this time; Perth, Adelaide and also Sydney. I'd like to go to Adelaide one of these days. My sister has lived there before and she says it's a wonderful place to be. One can have fun there almost all day and all night long. Adelaide has something for everyone. Shopping, nightlife and plenty of food and sightseeing. I think by now hubby's cousin will be busy with booking Perth Hotels, Adelaide Hotels and Sydney Accommodation. He'll most likely get them all done at Cheaperthanhotels as usual.

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