Monday, September 03, 2007

Addicted to my spreadsheet

Sigh, it's the beginning of the month and i really dont like it. The figure on my spreadsheet is depressing. It's less than $200. What do you expect, 2nd September jek worr, haimai. But still, i keep it opened alongside my firefox-with-more-than-10-tabs so that i can update it with every post that i publish that brings me moolah. So, it's like i hear a kaching every 10 minutes or so, lol.

Yeah, i can type that fast provided no one disturbs me and i dont 8 with others. And damn.... i hate that spreadsheet so much. It's damn addictive seeing the figures go up up up up up and up. Dengggg.... i have so many pending opps. If i finish those, there's another $200+ into my piggy.

1 comment: said...

LOL, tks to yr spreadsheet, I think I am going to stare at it more than my accountant loukong staring at his company's accounts.