Sunday, September 02, 2007

Night Vision Binoculars

I told hubby i have a feeling that the guy opposite our house is spying on me when i go out to hang my laundry. I've seen him using a set of binoculars as soon as i walk out of the kitchen door. And as soon as i look at him, he will run back into his house and slam the door shut. I've seen him doing that many times. I told hubby i want a set of good binoculars too so that i can spy back on him. I want to see what he's up to.

Hubby suggested that we buy a set of night vision binoculars so that we can see better in the dark. Ya, that's a good idea. We can wait till it's night time and then use that to check on him. he wont be able to see us but we can definitely see what he's up to. I'm going to get one at Optics Planet. I can get one or two from them since they are offering FREE UPS with all binoculars over $29.95.

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