Monday, September 03, 2007

Quit banging the kitchen door

Do you know why i hate my bedroom's location? It's just right beside the kitchen. And all those uninvited guests loves to sit there and crap just when my baby 's nap time. They dont seem to get it that he cant sleep in all those din they created. They just dont give a damn. Another thing is my FIL.

If he fails to get his Miami Heat tickets from the ticket booth, he'll come into the house through the kitchen door. Reason? Cos that's the only door he can bang that makes a loud noise. It's a metal door, k. I cannot understand why he cant get his at Premium Seats USA. They provide a huge selection of first-class tickets to all concerts, sports and theater events nationwide. Who needs to drive to the ticket booth to get tickets when all can be donr with a few mouse clicks.