Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where to find drug rehabs

When my uncle's business failed, he got depressed and stayed home all day long. We all saw it coming and asked him to close the business down and cut his losses. He was adamant and kept telling us he will make it turn around and profitable again. But we all knew he was only lying to himself. Debtors are practically lining up at his office everyday demanding for their money. He finally filed for bankruptcy last month.

He drank a lot to keep himself happy. he says that's the only way he can stay sane. We know he's already addicted to alcohol but sadly, he wouldnt listen to anyone. One day, he found himself waking up in a drain with bruises all over and a big gash on his forehead. He got scared for the first time since he started drinking and vowed to check himself into a drug rehab to treat his problem.

The thing is he has no idea where he can find Drug Rehabs and he also wants to learn more about his addiction. I told him he can find out more at I'm proud that he finally takes the initiative to get sober again. It's time he rebuild his life. Afterall, alcohol will not solve his problems.

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