Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do you know what your children are doing?

As parents, we have to know and take note of our childrens' changes in behaviour. We have to be on alert at all times. From the friends they mix with, to their mood swings and also why arent they eating like they used to. My friend saw a change in her daughter when she turned 16. She started mixing with some naughty girls who shoplift and smoke. She nearly got caught once but was let off by the shopkeeper with a stern warning.

My friend found some cannabis inside her daughter's room one day and she finally admitted that she's addicted to it. She's been trying to give up but cant. She pleaded with her mom not to send her to a Drug Rehab. But my friend knew that she has to if she really wants her daughter to recover. She found one and coaxed her daughter to undergo the program. She went albeit reluctantly. But then she knew it's for her own good. She did vow never to do drugs ever again.

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