Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Are you looking for an apartment to rent?

When i went to the city for my studies back in the 80s, the first place i stayed at was a rented room. No mobile phone; no car. I took the bus to college. Money was very tight. Just enough to get by. I had to budget really carefully or i'll run out of money to eat towards the end of the month. Later on, when i got familiarised with my surroundings, i got to know some new friends who invited me along to share a rented apartment with them. It has a fixed phone line. I agreed without hesitation, lol. Those were the days.

My friend's kid is going to college next year, and now, she is checking out suitable apartments for him. She found one at They have a map-based searching function, which enabled her to find one in minutes. It can be easily customize for your search in many ways and the results will be refreshed in a flash. You'll also get to browse Apartment Communities in real time, complete with photos, floor plans, and more. So, if you're looking for an apartment to rent, do check the site out.

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