Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sharon's trips to Hawaii

Since i want to learn more about Hawaii before i fly all the way there, i went to see a friend this evening. She has been on many trips to Hawaii before and so, i'm sure she has many Hawaii vacation reviews that she can share with me. And i was so right. She told me about the various resorts she stayed at before and which one has what kind of activities. She even kept many of those brochures which she brought all the way back from Hawaii.

Dont tell me those are her souvenir items, lol. Anyway, i had a great evening at her house. I learned a lot about what to expect, the weather and even volcano eruptions, what the heck, Can you believe it. She told me there was a volcanic eruption during one of her many trips there many years back. Thank god it was only a small "poof", not much real damage. Gee, i never thought of that. Scary.... hope none erupts during my stay there *prays*

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