Saturday, August 04, 2007

Wine Racks from The Vine Store

My sis invited us to her house for a small family get together last Saturday. I bought a great recipe book for her on her birthday and so she cooked up a storm from it, lol. We enjoyed it very much. She's a good cook, and i'm really envious of her talent. Well, she did say she will show me how to make a few dishes if i'm interested. Alright, alright, i will, i will. Let me find the time and the right mood first, okay.

My brother in law is a wine lover. He always buys many bottles back from his overseas business trip. We had a few bottles that day and enjoyed it very much. He taught us quite a fair bit on how to enjoy a good glass of wine. I love red wine the most as it is very beneficial for the heart. He then led us to main living hall and showed us a few of the Wine Racks which he bought from a place called The Vine Store.

I'm very impressed with the Hanging Wine Rack. Take a look at it. Isnt it artistic? It's a beautifully handmade Wine Rack of wrought iron. I would say it's a work of art. I like it very much and even asked him to get me one when he flies there again. Once it's back, i can then go get myself a few nice bottles of red wine and put them up on display. Wait for the pic, ya.

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